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"I spent my lifetime rushing to the aid of others as a firefighter and medic.  I failed to notice that I, too, was in desperate need of help.  Pride only caused more damage as my life fell apart because of PTSD and a traumatic past.  I encourage everyone that once you or others notice the signs of self-destruction, seek guidance.  Chris was a tremendous help aiding me on my road to recovery and healing.  She is compassionate, caring, and attentive to the needs of her clients.  I appreciated our sessions together and she certainly brought out the best in me". 

                                                                                              - T.D.

"Chris genuinely cared about my issues and my treatment. Through the death of my mom and the loss of my beloved 18 year old dog she was always there for me.  She allowed me to work at my own pace, yet I was able to make much needed progress in my treatment of bipolar depression. I would highly recommend Chris to others". 

                                                                                              - Kate C 

"Chris is an insightful, compassionate counselor who joins quickly with clients to achieve immediate solutions to the most difficult issues individuals face. Chris consistently displays an engaging, positive and upbeat approach. This allows her to address marital and family issues successfully to build couple cohesion and strengthen family connectedness. I give Chris my highest recommendation". 


                                                                                             - Bill D. Bowden, MS, MA, LMFT (Ft. Bragg, NC)