Meet Chris

Counselors in Owasso

L. Chris Cannida, MS, LPC

I am a practical, interactive, and compassionate professional dedicated to helping clients find solutions.  By making every effort to listen closely to my clients' needs, I am able to provide support in resolving challenges that are interrupting quality of life.  By actively involving clients in developing a plan that will be most helpful, and with sensitivity and a genuine concern for their well-being, therapy can work to help others build on strengths to identify and achieve their goals in personal and professional growth.  

Education and Training

Both Bachelor of Science (Special Education) and Master of Science (Applied Behavioral Studies) from Oklahoma State University. 

After having taught in the public school system for 8 years, I transitioned to the field of behavioral health and have received extensive training over the course of my career.  My continued training is focused on evidence-based, trauma-informed material designed to maximize the opportunity for clients to experience transformative change.

I am fortunate to have been trained and mentored by those whom I consider some of the best my field has to offer.  Always seeking to gain more insights that I can offer to others, I keep my reading room stocked with great books to inspire and teach!  

Professional Experience

Relevant, informative, comprehensive.

Because my experience spans across the arenas of education, behavioral health, and military culture, I am equipped to offer discerning, dynamic consultation in a variety of settings. Whether providing psychotherapy, training on a variety of topics or inspiration through engaging, informative speaking, I can help you or your group take steps toward change that makes a difference.