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individual counseling, marriage counseling, trauma recovery

Services Offered

Individual Counseling

Counselors in Owasso

Offering confidential, compassionate and trauma-informed psychotherapy for adults to find healing, growth, and balance. Sometimes we just need a safe space to tell our story.  Individual counseling may be the safe space you need.  

Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling Owasso

Practical, interactive couple's therapy focused on improving communication, recovery from infidelity, and strengthening marriages. We all want a sense of belonging and connection. Marathon sessions may be available.  

Small Group Support

Group Counseling Owasso

Specializing in recovery from compassion fatigue and career burnout for professionals in a variety of settings. Groups are offered in both one-time consult or multi-session formats.

Peer Consultation/Supervision

Mental Health Consultation, LPC Supervision Oklahoma

Peer consultation to professionals in the mental health field. Supervision for OK LPC candidates. Coaching provided on professional identity and practice startup to both individual and group practices.  

Military Life Issues

Counseling Military Issues

Powered by unique experience in counseling and consulting to both unit members and leadership in the armed forces. Individual and group services offered.


Stress Management Training, Keynote Speakers Oklahoma

Engaging, impactful training and keynote speaking on a variety of topics designed to empower professionals toward completing meaningful missions throughout the community.

Counseling available in Owasso and Online!


Owasso, OK

Heritage Professional Plaza

425 E. 22nd St., Ste 103-D

Owasso, OK

Offering Telemental Health

Telemental health (sometimes referred to as online counseling) can now be offered as a secure, confidential option for clients whose schedules make it difficult to attend in-person sessions. While online sessions are not a good fit for everyone, feel free to ask about this option for you!*

How does it work?

Offered through - a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal that can be accessed via your desktop computer or mobile device.  There is no cost to log-in or download the mobile app.  

*Some clients may be required to attend at least one in-person session before using the online counseling option.  Some insurance plans may not cover Telemental Health format.

Once we've decided this is a fit for you and schedule your online appointment, download the instructions below to log on and begin your journey!

Online Access Instructions