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Marriage Counseling

Improve Communication

Teaching spouses more effective ways to express themselves to one another is a first step in building healthy relationships. Research suggests the "how" of our communication is just as important as the "what". 

Believing another person is listening to you and understands you is equivalent to feeling loved. There are styles of communicating with your partner that really can make all the difference!

Deepen Connection

Couples with meaningful connection are proven to have more peaceful, healthy lifestyles. We also know that strong marriages are the foundation of strong families. Creating a secure bond with your partner is not only possible, it's necessary for healthy living! Marriage counseling can help you strengthen this most important relationship!

Infidelity/Affair Recovery

The discovery of a spouse being unfaithful can create a response in the hurt partner that is similar to people who've lived through other traumatic events. While there may be multiple reasons given for the betrayal, there are definite steps that are a must in order for recovery to take place. Healing is possible. 

Session Format Options

Traditional Session - 1 hour

This is ideal for couples who want to experience relationship building or repair in a fashion similar to the traditional counseling hour.  A 1-hour session is a good fit for couples who are strained by the day-to-day responsibilities of jobs, kids' schedules, and other obligations.  

When a marriage is in need of support, 1-hour increments may not seem like enough to address pressing issues, yet a trained couple's therapist can help conduct powerful, healing dialogues in that hour!

Marathon Marital Therapy Sessions

There are certain marital issues that are counterproductive to this format, though it is an option for certain couples who find themselves in a state of "Marriage ICU".  Sometimes the traditional counseling hour is not sufficient for couples who need to unpack the emotional turmoil of the relationship.  Whether it be the discovery or disclosure of infidelity or gridlocks in communication that have shut down healthy living, the marathon session can provide time to effectively "stop the bleeding", restoring the couple to enough effective function until further healing can take place.