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Specialized Counseling for the Military Population


Because my father and husband served in the US Army, my heart is connected to what the military culture creates for a family's life.  I have made it my mission to gain extensive experience and receive training on how to best help service members, veterans, and their families. Having provided counseling services on major installations, as well as support during deployments and reintegrations with guard and reserve units, I am humbled that so many service members and families have shared their stories with me.

The military lifestyle is unique. Deployment cycles leave everyone in the family strained and garrison demands can be just as difficult. Once an active duty member transitions into the civilian world, the stresses don't go away, they just change. Even after separating from the military, stress from painful memories, unhealed moral injury, and unresolved grief can continue.  Transition to civilian life can add further strain to families.  Whether your reason for seeking counseling is related to military issues or transitioning, having a therapist who understands these special situations can make all the difference.  

Military populations with whom I've worked extensively:

* 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade - 82nd Airborne, Ft. Bragg, NC
* 3rd Brigade Combat Team - 82nd Airborne, Ft. Bragg, NC
* 10th Mountain Division - Ft. Drum, NY
* Vance AFB 
* Pope AFB
* North Carolina & Oklahoma Army/Air National Guards

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Military Resources

PsychArmor Institute

Military Culture Training

A portion of my training in counseling military members is received through PsychArmor Institute.  PsychArmor is a nonprofit providing free, online education and support for all people who want to effectively engage with the military community.

Learn more at PsychArmor Institute

Give An Hour


I am a proud Give An Hour provider. 

GAH providers offer up to 1 hour weekly for one year of no-cost counseling to service members, veterans, and their families.  Call now to see if I have an opening for you!

Learn more at Give an Hour