Psychotherapist, Consultant, Speaker


Specializing in helping others improve their quality of life

Licensing Supervision

Individual Supervision


OKLPC-S #5261

Available for supervision to Oklahoma candidates for LPC licensure

* Ethical, discerning, and relevant  

* Over 25 years in the field working with  individuals, families, and couples 

* Trauma-Informed

* Extensive experience with military population

* Couples' work includes intervention guided by the evidence-based work of Drs. John and Louis Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson!

* Background in use of both direct and non-direct play therapy for children

* Extensive experience in use of sand-tray therapy for both children and adults!

*** Discounted rates for groups of 3 ***

Launch your professional identity now


Professional Development


Gain valuable perspective from a clinician with over 25 years experience.  

Professional Coaching

Begin your career with the guidance you need to reach your professional goals. I offer coaching for the following:

  • Starting a private practice 
  • Becoming credentialed with payor sources
  • Documenting your professional presence with CAQH
  • Developing content for your blog or online marketing presence

Ask about my availability to help develop training and programming content!

Case Consultation

It is both professionally responsible to continue consulting even after you are licensed!  I am available for:

  • Individual case consult 
  • Small group peer consultation with structured, case-focused processing
  • Small group peer consult with focus on transference and countertransference issues

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